Grand Canary (A.J. Cronin, 1933)

Dr. Harvey Leith has recently been disgraced for causing the death of three patients. Though it was hardly his fault, those in charge at the hospital, out of distaste for him personally and for his continually rocking the boat, have made him the scapegoat. He turns to drink. A friend arranges for a little cruise to the Canary Islands for him to get away from the scandal for a while and to sober up. Aboard ship, he meets Mary Fielding, who’s also on a vacation, but she’s escaping from the luxurious but suffocating life she leads at her wealthy husband’s manor.

A yellow fever epidemic has broken out on the islands. By the time they arrive, the worst has passed, but Harvey still offers his assistance. Mary is bitten by an infected mosquito and becomes deathly ill. Harvey, who has fallen in love with Mary and likewise she with him, makes it his mission to cure her.


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