Mrs. Red Pepper (Grace S. Richmond, 1913)

This is a sequel to Red Pepper Burns, which I have to say I didn’t much like, but this book was considerably better. It follows one coherent story rather than a long series of barely connected events.

Dr. John Leaver, an old friend and colleague of Dr. Red Burns, has overworked himself and experiences a burn-out he’s sure he’ll never recover from. Red knows better and helps him back on his feet. Meanwhile, Charlotte Ruston finds her way to town. She was from old money, but that money’s now long gone and she hopes to establish herself as a photographer to support her grandmother. Charlotte and John had been engaged in the past, but after his burn-out, John thought the marriage impossible, and after Charlotte’s going broke, she thought likewise. The romance rekindles, particularly after Granny’s death, and  by the end, the two are wed.

Inscription: Two or three names were penciled in on the front flyfleaf, but they’ve been erased well. The name at the top of the page I’m reasonably sure is Diane Fenweld. In the center, I think there are two overlapping signatures. One of them is Gail R-something. The other, I can make out a J and what might be an L, but nothing else.


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