Friar Tuck (Robert Alexander Wason, 1912)

An idealistic preacher travels west to escape from the memory of the girl he lost. As fate would have it, he finds Janet in the custody of Ty Jones, an unscrupulous rancher. She appears to have amnesia and it’s not clear how she came to be there, but the word is that Ty has taken her for a wife. After a shootout in which Ty is paralyzed, he confesses that she’s actually his half-sister and he kidnapped her in revenge for their mother keeping her and abandoning him. Janet’s amnesia was caused by a brain tumor. Once the pressure on her brain is relieved, her memory returns and she and the Friar marry.

Inscriptions: Two sentence fragments have been underlined for reasons I can’t fathom. Underlined on page 32 is “The’ was somethin’ peculiar about the Friar’s grin when he first sighted Columbus, and”, and around a dozen lines later on page 33, “So that’s what we made up to do;”. Apart from that, there are no other markings on the book.


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