Dolores Divine (Kenneth M. Ellis, 1931)

This appears to be a transcript of a radio drama interspersed with newspaper articles written by the reporter character in said drama that are wholly pointless as they merely reiterate what’s just been said, often verbatim in long block quotes, without providing any additional commentary. Damon Fenwicke is found dead and Dolores Divine is accused of his murder. The drama is mostly confined to the courtroom, where the State presents an extremely weak case that I think we’re supposed to find convincing and the Defense does nothing at all. Did Divine do it? No, of course not. Was it the mafia? No, just as they appeared to be, they were a red herring. In a not very shocking twist, the culprit turns out to be Divine’s overprotective mother who confesses to everything at the end for no particular reason (Divine’s already been acquitted — it isn’t to spare her).

Inscriptions: Stamped on the front endpaper and flyleaf, “Taylor Lending Libraries, Book No. R432”.


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