K. (Mary Roberts Rinehart, 1914)

Dr. Edwardes, a brilliant surgeon who lost a patient through negligence, abandons his practice and starts as new life as K. Le Moyne. He boards with the Pages. Sydney Page is a nurse and is in enamored with Dr. Max, a surgeon at the hospital. Max rather likes Sydney as well and would like to marry her, but he’s a ladies man and settling down to one woman is really not in the cards. Joe had a childhood crush on Sydney that he’s never gotten over and he despises Max. When he sees him taking a girl to one of the private rooms at a seedy roadhouse, he shoots him. It seems hopeless for Max until K. outs himself and operates — saving his life. Sydney realizes it was only glamour that drew her to Max and that she really loves K.

Inscription: “3/28/20” on the very upper-right corner of the flyleaf.

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