The House of the Seven Gables (Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1851)

Clifford Pyncheon , released from prison, moves into Seven Gables, a mansion haunted since the 17th century when the land was stolen from Matthew Maule, a purported witch. Judge Pyncheon, a descendant of the man who built Seven Gables, believes that hidden somewhere in the house is a royal land grant to Waldo county in Maine and that Clifford knows where it is. That such a grant would long, long ago have been voided is no matter — it’s the Judge’s idée fixe. Before the Judge can threaten Clifford with an insanity hearing, he suddenly dies — perhaps at the unearthly hand of Matthew Maule.

Inscription: Plate pasted on tront end paper showing a woman standing on a balcony, a book in hand. Beneath it is printed “My Book”, and below that, it’s signed “Madeline E. Dyer”.

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