The Ladies’ Juggernaut (Archibald Clavering Gunter, 1895)

A nouveau riche heiress is on a rest cure in Florida when she makes the acquaintance of an English drug seller. The two fall in love, but the heiress’s cousin plays a little trick on her, leading her to believe the man is engaged to another woman.

At home, it’s decided to purchase a titled husband for her to soothe her wounds. It’s all the rage among the smart set. The man turns out to be the English drug seller, who’s a viscount or something. The heiress, of course, won’t have him, but her 50 year old spinster aunt is quite willing.

Shock! Heiress discovers everything bad she’s heard about the Englishman has been a lie and he’s been nothing but faithful to her. It will take some ingenuity to fool her aunt into marrying a different man so she can have the viscount for herself.

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