The Mistress of Shenstone (Florence L. Barclay, 1910)

Lady Myra Ingleby’s husband has recently been killed in the war. He wasn’t a casualty of battle — his death was an accident. Lord Ingleby had been placing a bomb and the man at the plunger set it off before Ingleby got away. For the sake of his promising military career, the name of this other man is hushed up.

Myra takes the news rather well at first, but the stress eventually leads her to a nervous breakdown. Her doctor prescribes a vacation to someplace where she knows nobody and nobody knows her. She checks-in to a simple hotel in a small Cornish town under her maid’s name. There, she meets a “cosmopolitan cowboy” named Jim Airth. After a couple weeks, the two are engaged, but Myra puts off revealing who she really is until her stay is over and she returns to Shenstone.

It turns out that Jim Airth’s identity was somewhat assumed as well. He’s actually James, the Earl of Airth and Monteith. Jim was also at the hotel escaping from his past — he was the one who accidentally killed Lord Ingleby.

Something of a sequel to The Rosary, I understand, although I’ve never read that and can’t offer any comment on it.